Hock Shields for protecting against hock sores

Once in a blue moon an exciting discovery that benefits my four-legged boys compels me to share that discovery with as many horse owners as possible. I have finally found a solution to a problem all horse owners have had to deal with at some point during the year: hock sores. I discovered Hock Shields at the Equine Expo in January and have been successfully using them on all of my horses since. Even my most mischievous gelding who manages to remove any style of bell boot or leg wrap has left them in place. My guess is he is comfortable enough wearing them to leave them alone. Do know I am receiving no financial or material remuneration for this post. I am merely trying to help all of those four-legged kiddos with hock sores end their constant and now avoidable discomfort. The web site for the company where you can research and purchase this wonderful product is www.hockshield.com. This company also offers a product that protects against fetlock sores.